Sound of Silence Meditation

The Sound of Silence meditation, or Om meditation, is the second foundation exercise I use to build my more advanced meditations off of. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful meditation methods, and has taken me on some of my greatest journeys. 

Need a refresher on meditation basics? Head here first. 

Let us begin with our seven calming breaths. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing – in through our nose, out through our mouth. Exhale your stresses, your worries; this is your time to be.

Now listen to the surrounding noises, anything you can hear, bring into focus (i.e. cars, children, the dryer) Tune into the sound that is most prominent, and gradually cycle through the audible sounds, ending with the faintest of sounds that you can hear.

Once you have reached the last sound, try and dig one layer deeper. Can you? What is under the last sound? Silence. First, there is silence. The noises you hear are layered on top of this silence, but the silence still exists, it is omnipresent. Tune into the ‘nothingness’ that exists below the sounds. 

What you will hear is a very very faint ringing, buzzing, or ‘vibration’. This is the Om, the Sound of Silence, the sound of Creation. It is ever present and ever audible, and can be as loud as a roaring jet plane or as quiet as a feather falling.

Patience and persistence. Many of you will hear the Om on your first go, many will not. I promise you, if you practice this with patience you WILL experience the Om. The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will be to hear. Eventually, you will be able to hear this – rather, feel – this at all times.

For this meditation, I recommend a 10 minute duration. Looking to up your practice? Add 5 minutes of the Breath of Light Meditation to the beginning of this!

You will find the Om to be extremely peaceful, so enjoy your time with it. Once you are accustomed to hearing the Om, tune into it during the day during times of stress or fatigue for an instant lift.

–  Kyle



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