How to Create a Meditation Space

Believe it or not, creating your meditation space is one of the most important things you will do, with regards to your spiritual practice. I highly recommend finding a space in your home you can devote solely to your practice, and filling it with items and decor that you enjoy. You can always start small, and add items as you find them; the important thing is to dedicate a space for yourself, and begin filling it with the positive energy your meditations will produce.

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Vibrational Energy permeates all things, and rooms are no exception. We all know the feeling of walking into a space where things feel negative, or “just don’t feel right.”. This feeling is due to the energy imprint that has been left on the place, and the longer the imprint has existed, the greater the impression that will be felt. This ‘vibe’ can go both ways, as the majority of us know. There are certain people, places, and objects that just permeate happiness and peace. We love to be around them, and do what we can to be in their presence. Whether it’s carrying around a ‘lucky’ rock, or sleeping in a favorite chair; these objects are permeated with our positive vibes – which is why they feel so good!

The above lays the framework for our meditation space. We want to pick objects that we are drawn to- be that a meditation pillow, a tapestry, statues, decor, rocks – whatever you wish to fill your space with, and expose these objects and this space to your good intentions and positive vibrations. These imprints will begin to take, and soon just walking into ‘your space’ will produce a calm and uplifting effect.


Meditation naturally produces extremely strong vibes, and these will permeate your space much quicker than just existing in that space alone. With that being said, you are also extremely vulnerable (as a beginner) to the energy of the area that you are meditating in, which is why creating a positive environment is so important. You must be mindful when attempting to meditate in areas you don’t feel fully content in, for the chance of picking up a negative energy is much higher.


Beyond decor, I suggest getting some meditation clothing – loose fitting, comfortable wear you can sit and stretch in – be mindful of the temperature you will be meditating in, you don’t want to bundle yourself up in shawls and sweatpants if you are in a heated room! There are some awesome “fisherman” pants that I suggest, which also come in a shorts variant, that are extremely comfortable and great for meditation or a gentle yoga practice.


A journal is very important to keep in your space, and keeping track of your meditations and progress is a habit you should adopt immediately.  Being able to reflect on your experiences and write them down will make them far more real in your beginning stages, and having a written record to look back on is a great thing to have as you grow. Initially, your meditation experiences will be much like dreams, and the memory will fade extremely fast upon returning to normal consciousness – jot them down asap!


This portion of the website will give you inspiration and suggested products to create and decorate your space with. Enjoy!

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