Step-by-Step Meditation to Balance Your Vibrations


The Sound of Silence meditation is a pre-requisite for this practice. If you haven’t done so, practice that first!

Welcome to the next building block on our exploration of the Om. If you have put in the proper practice with the Sound of Silence, you will have a basic understanding of what the Om (the sound of creation) sounds like. Let us now expand on that practice.

  • Begin with your basic calming breath. Exhale your problems, your concerns, your worries – this is your time, savor the peace.
  • Tune into the Om, bring your awareness to the feeling of the sound, and try to feel the vibrations in your head (no worries if you can’t)
  • Let the Om sound grow, go deeper and deeper into the sound, relaxing into it

Now, with your eyes closed, look towards your left ear. With your focus still on the Om, notice how the sound changes as you keep your attention on the left side. You will hear the vibration change tones.

Once you have established a difference in the tones, and have sat for a short while with this new tone, move your awareness (and closed eyes) towards your right ear. Notice, once again, how the tone will change.

You now have two distinct, separate tones; your left and your right. 

Switch your awareness back and forth between sides, and practice listening and switching between the tones. Once you can do this with ease, bring your awareness back to the center of your head, and notice how you can hear both tones at the same time. Now practice hearing both the tones at once, and you will notice how they blend together to create the Om that you heard during the Sound of Silence.


Balance your Vibrations

After you practice the above, you’ll quickly notice you feel tremendously better than before. By listening to the two tones, you are “balancing” out your energy. Use this practice in the morning to start your day off on the right foot, and anytime you feel out of whack.

Once you have gotten a solid grasp on the tone balancing, practice hearing the vibrations during your normal day to day life. You will find you can balance the vibrations just the same, and instantly boost your energy whenever you need. 

– Kyle

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