Chakra Awareness Meditation


If you are new to meditation, check out our Meditation Basics first!

Having an awareness of your Chakras, or energy centers, will lay the foundation for numerous intermediate and advanced meditations. As soon as we are able to locate our energy centers, we can begin to open and clear them; providing us with tangible physical benefit

This practice will be focused on locating and feeling our chakras. It is expected that you will feel nothing your first few tries, so as with anything, be patient and practice! To begin with, we will use our fingers as guides. After a couple practices, ditch the fingers and see what you can feel.


If you haven’t done so already, take a look at the Chakra Reference Guide

The Practice

Begin with your deep, diaphragmatic breathing. 7 inhales – in through your nose, out through your mouth.

(Note: For your root chakra, we will not be utilizing touch for obvious reasons, so do a kegel (or preform the same action as holding in your pee) to stimulate and locate Muladhara)

  1. Preform the action listed in italics above to bring awareness to your root chakra. As you do so, bring a deep breath in through your nose and picture the breath traveling down to your root chaka, forming into a small orb where the pressure is being held. Repeat this for your first chakra 3 times.
  2. Now, place your index and middle finger onto your abdomen, roughly two inches below your navel. This marks the location of your Sacral Chakra. Note that true location is located within your body, between your tail bone and fingers. Preform the same 3 diaphragmatic breaths for your second chakra, forming the small orb with each breath.
  3. Move the fingers up two inches above your navel, this locates the outside of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Preform your three breaths, creating the orb to stimulate your third chakra.
  4. Place your fingers onto the base of your sternum, marking your Heart Chakra. Preform the 3 breaths.
  5. The two fingers are now placed on your throat, on top of your adam’s apple. Within lies your Throat Chakra. 3 breaths.
  6. Place your fingers between your brows, this marks your Third Eye. 3 deep, diaphragmatic breaths, bringing energy to your sixth Chakra.
  7. For your Crown Chakra, place your flat palm a couple inches above your head. If you will recall, the seventh chakra is more of a cap than a single point. You can still locate a pinpoint energy center, but spend your time focusing on the whole upper portion of your skull, picturing the energy from your breath lighting your whole head.

Another great way to feel the outside chakra reference points without touching it every time is to rub essential oil on the skin at the spot listed above. I recommend lavender or peppermint.


The above practice is to be a supplemental exercise to your current meditation, and does not represent a full meditation on it’s own. If you are crunched for time it can serve on it’s own, but I would recommend the following:

The above will prove to be a complete, powerful meditation, and represents the core foundation to the intermediate and advanced exercises. I recommend practicing the above until you can achieve 20 minutes of meditation, and are comfortable with the exercises given.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

– Kyle

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