3 Steps to Decorate Your Meditation Space


As I mentioned in my Meditation Space Basics article, creating your own designated spiritual space is one of the most important steps to beginning your practice. Having a space you can completely unwind in, that is filled with calming presence, is paramount to reaching profound states of meditation. It is extremely hard, even for a seasoned vet, to meditate in a dingy space. Your ability to pick up on subtle energies is extremely heightened while meditating, so if a space feels off to begin with, it will feel noticeably worse while in deep states.

You can enliven your space by breaking it down to 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Walls

There are a couple easy ways to spice up your walls, one is to paint, and the other is to hang tapestries. I am a huge fan of both – painting a nice calming color, and incorporating cool, complex tapestries is my go to for my own meditation space.


The easiest way to decorate your walls is with tapestries. There are all sorts you can choose from, my favorite are complex patterns and designs – I love to come out of a deep meditation and ponder the brilliance of the design. Below are my favorites, click on the image to check them out!




Step 2 – Decor

Filling your room with unique decor is my favorite part of the process – it is fun to find statues, lights, and pieces that speak to your soul. I am constantly adding new decor to my meditation room, and always on the look out for cool, calming, pieces.


My room is full of them – I believe each one embodies an energy of it’s own, and it’s great to have company for your meditations. Click on any of the below pictures to check them out!



Usable Decor

I love art with a purpose – from fountains to candle holders – these add atmosphere and sound to your space. Click on your favorites below to check them out!




Using lights makes setting the mood and creating atmosphere easier than ever. I am a HUGE fan of salt lamps, so much so we wrote a stand alone article of the Benefits of Salt Lamps. Rope lighting also makes a great addition for a meditation space. Click on any of the images below to learn more about the lights!



Step 3 – Floor

There are a few things sitting on the floor in my meditation room – a round tapestry, a meditation pillow, candles, a singing bowl, and a diffuser. Click on the image below to learn more about the product!

Meditation Pillow

I highly recommend picking up a meditation pillow if you are sitting on the floor, you will be far more comfortable, and can sit for longer periods with the back stability a cushion adds.


Round Tapestry

These are designed to be sat on! I have the white and black one below in my meditation space. These also make great table covers.



Used for diffusing essential oils (see our article here) certain fragrances are fantastic for creating and inducing a deep meditative state. Below are a couple cool, decorative, designs!


Singing Bowls 

Before picking up a singing bowl, do some research – there is a vast amount of information and technique to using them. Amazon has a great selection of entry level bowls – but purchasing a hand crafted set will yield a far superior energy. Below is the set from amazon!

There’s a small list to get you all going! Let me know what you’ve done with your space in the comments below!

– Kyle


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