5/26 – Out of Body practice

Objective: Lucid Out of Body Transition

Method: Progressive Relaxation

Time: Roughly 30 min

Place: My chair

Started by focusing on and flexing small groups, starting with the toes, moving to feet, calves, quads etc. Up the body. Flexing on an inhale (3 count inhale, 3 count hold of contraction) and releasing on a 3 count exhale. Worked slowly up body, important to take my time with this, found times where I wanted to rush the process.

After a full round through the body, I started again, this time focusing on a larger group (right leg, left leg, torso, etc.) Same breath count. Now, I could feel my heart beat, so I brought focus to this with my breathing. Used the heart as my ‘counter’.

After that round, went larger groups (legs, torso, arms, head) same count.

Now moved to whole body, focusing on the *thought* of contraction, not actually contracting. Slowed down my breathing count pattern to – inhale on a 3 count, except now two heart beats = 1 count) hold for the same, exhale for the same. I found I actually had an extra ‘beat’ during the inhale and exhale, kind of a resetting beat.

I kept this as my focus, until I lost awareness of the body and could only hear my heart beat. Kept the breath focus (this became difficult)

With each beat of my heart, I began to feel my psychosoma ‘bounce’, this sensation was unique, and this is the first time I experienced this. It was hard to not become excited. I focused on this bouncing, keeping awareness on the breath.

Eventually, I could no longer feel or hear my heart beat. I had little awareness of anything expect the counting, i now reached the hypnagogic state (border between awake and asleep) and began to see mental images and hear voices.

Scenes were unfolding, nothing lasting though. A voice told me to “push push push”, so I tried to ‘push’ my way into the visions to no avail.

Sat in this state for awhile. My dog shook upstairs, which violently affected this experience, almost an electric shock to the psychosoma. I was able to regain the hypnagogic state fairly easily and remain there. Played around with VEOS to no avail.

Finally decided to come back to waking consciousness. All in all a great experience. Another step in the right direction.

Practice practice practice!


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