5/27 – Out of Body Experience


OBE While Sleeping

I woke up at 530, went pee, and came back to bed. I started trying some techniques- i waited until I hit the hypnagogic state and started to see things. I then took this opportunity to control what I could see, focusing on making the experience more real.

I eventually tired and just rolled on my side and went to sleep. I regained consciousness in a another place, and was upside down on a ceiling somewhere. I was very excited to be lucid, and immediately took a moment to ground myself and increase my lucidity by looking at my hands and focusing on surrounding objects. I flew around and enjoyed it, passing through walls, and trying to remain lucid.

Eventually I sank out of lucidity, and was back in a dream. Long story short, I was in a sea and there was a large explosion under me, the tidal wave it created lifted me up, and must have “lifted” my psychosoma out of my body, for I once again realized I was out of body. I forced lucidity, and had the thought to fly to another planet.

I was flying in a dark tunnel, and could feel the ‘wind’ on my face I took special note of this, this was the first sensation of travel at high speeds. I came out upside down in a very peculiar place, very similar to earth. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the atmosphere was lit as if there was a beautiful orange sunset. I began to fly around, enjoying large floating bell like structures in the sky. Eventually, I landed and walked into a building.

I walked up stairs and made a self note at how friendly everyone was, many said hello, and were very receptive when I spoke to them. A gentleman approached me and began walking with me, he introduced himself, and shook my hand. During the handshake his eyes widened a bit, and he said “oh, you must have died”, I told him I was just spiritual traveling, and asked if they had many come here that do that, he said no.

An important note: the ego seems to be in tact at whatever level this was, for I was excited at the thought of being ‘special’ by traveling here. An important note as well is that you do in fact have all of your normal modes of thought with you, I was able to think just as clearly and remember things from the physical just as clear as during waking consciousness. This is the first experience where this has happened, and I was not totally overwhelmed by the experience.

Back to the journey – the man told me it was very uncommon to have spiritual travelers, and asked if I had a place to stay. He wrote up some offer and said he would only charge me 75 (something) to stay. I told him I had none of his money, and he assured that I would have 10 years to come back and repay him. I hated the thought of having to be bound to a specific place, so I had to decline.

I must have lost lucidity for awhile, because I dont remember the transition here – I then regained waking lucidity as was with a group of people, I was sitting at a table and began to think of all the questions I wanted to ask them, about the laws of their world and life span and how it all worked. They knew I was a traveler, and welcomed me into their group. They were discussing options for me to stay, and to become a part of their group, the leader apologized for being so comfortable, and said he was surprised at how they were acting, considering they just met me. I assured them it wasn’t weird.

Side note about the above- it was clear to my intuition that I had known all these people before,and perhaps spent past lives or past incarnations with them. Just as when you meet someone in the physical that you instantly click with, there is a knowingness that exists.

I dont recall a whole lot that transpired after that, I spent a short amount of time there before coming back. Oddly – i lost lucidity and was back in a dream state, talking to my dad and Paige, I recalled the whole experience to them, and then began to wake up noting that I need to write it down in the physical. Not sure if I actually met with them, or if that was symbolic of my psychosoma passing off the information to my physical.

Phenomenal experience, the most powerful and lucid out of body to date. My main take away is to always practice, I did not think an OBE would have happened last night, and was just casually trying to induce one this morning. I’m very happy I did, as with any, they are life changing experiences.


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