6/6 Lucidity Blurb

I haven’t had any remarkable happenings in the past few days – some random lucid happenings at work and at home, but nothing full blown. Today, 6/6, I got off work and have been practicing on and off. Just had a short little practice session to try and induce the vibrational state. Started with an in-depth body scan, thinking about and focusing on the skeleton, nervous system, organs, muscles, skin, focusing on each of these and moving awareness throughout the body. During this, I was in and out of the semi sleep state that is key to inducing OBEs. Was feeling slight vibrations on and off – towards the end of the practice, I was becoming aware of two beings in my presence (or me in theirs, rather). They were working with me to become more lucid, one was a woman, the other a male. As their faces came into view, I would do the energy ‘inhale’ which would bring my awareness and lucidity of their faces up. Perhaps this specific ‘inhale’ grounds you.

A good note for myself – if you have any time throughout the day (20 min plus) you can sit down, close your eyes, and practice this stuff, every bit helps. just like exercise, it takes practice and patience, I will keep working on these little exercises.


As always, if anyone is reading this and has questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m jotting this down more for my own records, but perhaps this will some day help someone on their own journey!

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