Explanation of Lucid Awareness + 6/7 blurb

Sleeping, having a normal dream. The dream became lucid, so I began jumping around and flying around as we usually do. Awareness then set in to take the opportunity to make this a full blown out of body, I began trying to jump higher, to try and force myself out of body. It did not work, and I remained in the lucid dream state, to sink back to a normal dream shortly thereafter. This was one of the first times I had the awareness during a lucid dream to try and go beyond, so happy there.

Brief explanation about lucidity, dreams, and out of body experiences: When you are dreaming,you have an extremely low level of lucidity, or awareness, say 20% of what you have in your normal waking state. This is why you never typically feel in total control of your dreams, you’re more just observing them because your consciousness is not fully there. It is a similar state to being ‘black out’ drunk. As you drink, your consciousness gradually exits, until you dont remember anything. Note that while at this level of intoxication, your body retains all it’s basic functions, and you still interact with your physical world, talking to people, making stupid decisions, etc. All that is left there is the shell of your physical body, no awareness or consciousness to drive it.

Anyways – Your dreaming and all of a sudden something clicks, you realize you are in a dream, and you realize you can (to an extent) control the dream. Your awareness is now around 60-80% what it is in physical life. You feel you have far more control of what is going on in the dream, yet when you wake up the memory is still a bit hazy, you still know it was a dream.

Step it up a level, you go to bed, you’re sleeping as normal and all of a sudden you wake up. You glance around and realize you are floating above your body, you freak out and are snapped back to your physical, but you KNOW that was not a dream, you recall and experienced that as vividly as anything in the ‘real world’. Your lucidity or awareness there is at 100% of your normal capacity (note if you dont freak out and snap back to body, you can go have a life changing experience – an Out of Body Experience)

So here’s the thing, once you REALIZE these levels of awareness, you are able to control them better. You can then raise this lucidity to force yourself into an OBE, like I was trying to do last night.

Anyways, I ramble. If anyone is interested or wants to learn more, dont hesitate to email me – kadams119@gmail.com

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