6/10 First Lucid OOBE

Let me preface, this was my first lucid out of body experience with no lapse of consciousness in between waking and separation. Typically, I will practice out of body techniques, fall asleep, and wake up out of body, or I will become lucid in a dream, and take that to the out of body state.

Fiance is sick with a cough, makes it hard for either of us to sleep, so each time I woke up to a cough I would take the opportunity to practice an OOB technique.

I tried many times to no avail, around 330 am, the fiance got up to go sleep on the couch. I once again tried, this time with a bit more fire, affirming over and over “I am now out of body”. Eventually, I rolled onto my left side. It was here that I focused on a diffuse light (eyes were closed), I brought my full awareness to this and it clicked that this is how I can get out of body. I let myself become absorbed in the light, and began to feel the start of intense intracranial vibrations.

For those unfamiliar, the vibrational state is a common occurrence before an out of body, where your bodies are beginning to separate. Typically super intense vibrations throughout the body, accompanied with loud noises, resembling thunder, waves crashing, or gun shots.

Anyways, the vibrational state started in my head, the more I focused on drawing into the light, the greater the vibrations. Once I had adequately spread the vibrations through my body, I knew it was time to try and separate. As mentioned, I have never consciously separated, so this was new territory.

I began to try all the methods I could think of, moving my astral body around, rolling out of my body, sinking, etc. This was also the first time I have felt any of those sensations, especially the rolling, which was absolutely fascinating.

I tried something I had never heard of, which was an intense spinning or whipping around of my astral, in the hopes that I would ‘fling’ out of my body. The spinning became intense, and eventually I felt myself fling out of body, landing against a wall in my room.

Note that I could not ‘see’ anything at this moment, just feel.

Laying against the wall, I began to use the rope climbing method, which surprisingly made it so I could see. In hindsight, i think all i would need to do is ground myself, increasing my lucidity to be able to see.

In any event, I became ecstatic, knowing this was my first OOB in my own house, fully aware. I had a strange apprehension to look at my body, fearing it would cause me to return, so I quickly flew through a wall out into my hallway.

I approached my stairs, and began to become concerned. Side note for those who have not experienced an OOBE, you are fully aware, and fully conscious. It is not a vague, dream like state, you are just as aware (in fact, more aware) than in your normal day to day. Feel free to ask questions regarding this if you want me to expand.

In all my other OOBs, I have been in remote strange locations. For some reason, being in my home made me question whether or not I was truly out of body, or if I was just sleep walking, and about to get seriously injured by trying to fly off my railing (haha!), I fumbled down my stairs, ensuring that I was in fact OOB. This thought backfired, and began to return me to my body.

My left big toe was flinching around (perhaps an automatic homing mechanism the body uses?) Which annoyed me, because I wanted to stay out of body. I returned to the body, super excited by what happened, but not yet done. I reestablished the vibrational state, and this time decided to travel to anywhere. The black void and rushing ‘wind’ was felt, as I have experienced before when traveling. I believe this is the travel between remote dimensions and places, as opposed to just separating from the body and staying close to your own dimension. Anyways, I ended up in a SUPER strange place, where the inhabitants were clay like individuals. I truly am not sure how to describe it, it was a very odd place. After a very brief stay, I returned to body, and awoke, knowing I needed to jot down notes of the journey.

Over all, I am ecstatic about the experience. It was a huge mile stone in my own journey, and a very important validation that conscious separation is possible. As with any of this, it is hard to believe anything until you experience it for yourself.

For those interested in beginning their path, dont hesitate to reach out to me. For those experienced in out of body travel, what has been your most memorable journey?

Stay tuned! This journey is just getting started!

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