The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home

Plants are lovely additions to any home; they look beautiful, they smell good, and they are fun to nurture and grow. But did you know that house plants offer a whole bunch of health benefits as well?! It's true! Read on to learn more about what indoor plants can do to help keep you and … Continue reading The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Have you heard of or seen Himalayan salt lamps? I am seeing them everywhere these days! I love Himalayan salt lamps, not only for the beautiful light and energy they emit, but for the amazing mental and physical health benefits they offer. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome chunks of salt and what they … Continue reading Himalayan Salt Lamps

Basics of Aromatherapy

As you know, I'm a huge fan of essential oils and all the amazingness they have to offer us mere mortals. One of the most popular ways to use EOs is through aromatherapy. Basically, aromatherapy is the use of the aromatic properties of essential oils to help promote mental and physical health. Read on to learn … Continue reading Basics of Aromatherapy