5/27 – Out of Body Experience

5/27 OBE While Sleeping I woke up at 530, went pee, and came back to bed. I started trying some techniques- i waited until I hit the hypnagogic state and started to see things. I then took this opportunity to control what I could see, focusing on making the experience more real. I eventually tired … Continue reading 5/27 – Out of Body Experience

5/26 – Out of Body practice

Objective: Lucid Out of Body Transition Method: Progressive Relaxation Time: Roughly 30 min Place: My chair Started by focusing on and flexing small groups, starting with the toes, moving to feet, calves, quads etc. Up the body. Flexing on an inhale (3 count inhale, 3 count hold of contraction) and releasing on a 3 count … Continue reading 5/26 – Out of Body practice