Reading is a crucial practice for anyone serious about their spiritual journey. Observing different points of view and learning from other’s experiences can be very beneficial to shaping and guiding your own journey. If there is one single thing I could recommend to go hand in hand with meditation, it is reading. Below is a grid-list of my favorite books – the ones that have made the greatest impact on my spiritual journey. Click on the book to learn more and to pick up your own copy!

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Note: Awakening the Third Eye and Sleeper Awaken can both be downloaded for free. Do a quick google search for the books to download a PDF of the book free of charge. I still recommend picking up the physical copy at a later date (cannot be purchased on amazon), but you can’t beat a free read!

There is a small list of the many many books I have read; the above are chosen because they have had the greatest impact on my journey thus far. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!